An entrepreneurship nervous system!
Our platform connects the most innovative startups with global incubators, accelerators and competitions in a smarter way, ensuring that neither entrepreneurs nor evaluators lose any opportunities.
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Automatizing the process!
Viable Report reduces the pains in the selection of entrepreneurs by evaluators, being the evaluators the ones who define the acceptance criteria of their programs which are then automatized in the platform.
Quantifying what is quantifiable!
Viable Report uses a propietary machine learning algorithm supported by "satelite" modules to assess a business idea from every dimension, providing a trully 360 approach evaluation.
Global world, global opportunities!
Viable plans not only help the early stage ecosystem but also provide useful information for investment. If you are an investor get in touch with us and we'll keep you informed on future products.

Jaime CEO

Computer Engineer

Restless globetrotter and Sunday surfer

Manuel CDO

Communication Designer

Sports aficionado and Guitar effects pedal collector

José CTO

Computer Engineer

Father of two kids and Sci-fi books junkie
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